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How Much Cost of the Shutter Door


We know that the material of the market is also divided into various categories. Here we first talk about rolling shutter doors. The material of a single door is divided into several types. The time of choice is to pay special attention. The following kaiyite people will introduce to you the cost of the roller shutter door and what material is suitable for the roller shutter door.

How much is the roller shutter door

How much is the roller shutter door , shutter doors generally divided into two kinds of manual shutter doors and electric shutter doors, electric shutter doors are relatively expensive, it is generally 400-800 square meters; if it is a manual roller shutter door, the price will be cheaper, Its price is 200-400 yuan per square meter. In general, shutter doors have a fire protection function.

What is the material of the roller shutter door?

1. If the roller shutter door is classified according to the material, then it can be divided into several types. Here, let's give a brief introduction about what materials are available, and what their use is, and at the same time, the shutters of different material types. It can be shown for everyone.

2, aluminum alloy shutter doors: This material can be said to be the purpose of the former is the most common and most traditional shutter doors, if you want to compare the appearance and environmental protection, there are still greater advantages, but there is also a drawback is that the noise is relatively large .

3 color steel shutter door: This product will be rich in color compared to some, while the choice can be selected according to the needs of different thickness of the door, so you can also increase the lighting window and the door in the door.

4. Mesh roll-up door: The big feature is air permeability and light transmission, and it can also be used to prevent theft. This product is a modern roll-up door.

5, crystal shutter door: first of all to know that it is made of pc bullet-proof plastic crystal film produced, this shutter door is also now widely used in clothing stores, it can be said is a very stylish product.

6, PVC shutter door: When you see this time I believe we all know that this material is made using pvc material, so it is also able to quickly and effectively cut off the dust in the air, but also can play a warm, warm, sound insulation and other properties Very powerful.

7, stainless steel shutter door: This kind of door is first made of stainless steel, it can be said that this material gives it a very glossy surface, while there are wear and scratch resistance.

Summary: On how much money the roller shutter doors and shutter doors are made of, the material is related to this. In fact, it is necessary to know whether the price of roller shutter doors affects me. However, it is necessary to know that there are many kinds of materials for roller shutter doors in the market. Different materials have different characteristics. You choose Can be set according to their needs.

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